Entries by Jay

New location!

Howdy everyone, we’ve moved our meeting site! A little! Instead of finding us at 10520 Airport Way, we’re now at 10600! We’ve updated our google maps location, so if you go there and put “balloon depot” into your phone, Maps will put a pin right where we are, and we have a lovely banner out […]


We’ve been making some improvements around here. Our nearly brand-new flagship balloon, “Solstice”, is the main inspiration for what we did with our mini-fleet of chase vans. Our good pal Greg Silsby took a rather spectacular photo of it recently, and I thought “geez that’d look great on the vans, wouldn’t it” and Vinyl Lab […]

The 2022 Winthrop Roundup

Howdy all. Every year, we look forward to a little shindig we started back in the late 80’s over in the Methow valley. On the first full weekend in March, we caravan on over to the frontier town of Winthrop and fly in the snow over the Methow river between Winthrop and Twisp. It used […]

A bit of good news in 2020

Last October, we decided to get ahead of the curve as far as keeping the fleet up to date, and we put the down payment on a new balloon. Had I known what was coming, I sure would have put that purchase off! What a terrible year to be spending lots of money. We lost […]

A Morning Wedding Tether

Yesterday morning we hosted a fabulous wedding. This was supposed to have been a 3 balloon flight down the valley. But the weather said Nope, with fog and 300 foot solid overcast til noon. Since this was such a big deal, I offered the option to put the balloons up on tether lines, which was […]

Balloon ride timelapsed from 1 hour to 1 minute

We made a timelapse of a very cool backwards-from-the-usual-wind-direction ride from the other morning. You can really see the altitude adjustments we had to make in order to find the wind directions that would let us land at the airport from 6 miles away in an aircraft that doesn’t steer.  Check it out!