A bit of good news in 2020

Last October, we decided to get ahead of the curve as far as keeping the fleet up to date, and we put the down payment on a new balloon. Had I known what was coming, I sure would have put that purchase off! What a terrible year to be spending lots of money. We lost the first half of our flight season, then we had a pretty stormy August, and the worst, smokiest September I’ve ever seen. But the weather is perfect now. And our new balloon, Solstice, is finally here, all 225,000 cubic feet of it. This balloon carries 10 people comfortably in a nice big roomy basket. It’s *fantastic*.  Come on out and see for yourself! 

High Speed Balloon Chase!

Cool timelapse of a recent, very fun ride. Check it out! 

A Morning Wedding Tether

Yesterday morning we hosted a fabulous wedding. This was supposed to have been a 3 balloon flight down the valley. But the weather said Nope, with fog and 300 foot solid overcast til noon. Since this was such a big deal, I offered the option to put the balloons up on tether lines, which was the only thing we could do with them and the couple decided that this was better than nothing. And it turned out great. We’ll have pix from the ground shortly but meanwhile, here’s a good look at the festivities! 


Ballooning really is the most romantic form of flight

This couple booked the private romance aloft flight and  she said “Yes”! We’re all happy to have finally found a flyable evening after all the wind we’ve had lately. 

Covered some ground!

We went almost 10 miles on this ride, a few longer than average!

A few pix from our last couple of rides

When the weather is nice around here, it’s very, very nice! 

Balloon ride timelapsed from 1 hour to 1 minute

We made a timelapse of a very cool backwards-from-the-usual-wind-direction ride from the other morning. You can really see the altitude adjustments we had to make in order to find the wind directions that would let us land at the airport from 6 miles away in an aircraft that doesn’t steer. 

Check it out! 

A record of our last flight

Our pal Matt Todd came out and did a really cool video of our last flight. Just a few folks booked on one of the last nice days, maybe for the year. A lovely memento of a great evening to go fly a balloon…

Autumn Splashndash

It’s hard to do this maneuver while holding a phone to record the fun. So this clip just shows the very tail end of what was one of the longest splashndashes of the season. Our passengers got a real treat on this flight! ?

Hootin’ and hollerin’