A recoord of our last flight

Our pal Matt Todd came out and did a really cool video of our last flight. Just a few folks booked on one of the last nice days, maybe for the year. A lovely memento of a great evening to go fly a balloon…

Autumn Splashndash

It’s hard to do this maneuver while holding a phone to record the fun. So this clip just shows the very tail end of what was one of the longest splashndashes of the season. Our passengers got a real treat on this flight! 

We flew the Tulips!

Flying in March?

The Winthrop Weekend!

Slow Splashndash

We took a little boat ride down the river in the middle of our balloon ride last night 🙂

Wedding under the basket

We swooped down right over a wedding at Lord Hill farms the other day, on our way into a perfect landing on a perfect Fall evening..

Checking the wind

Checking speed and direction on a nice morning ride.