Hello! If, like us, you’re looking forward to summer weather and going for a balloon ride and seeing the quarantine lifted, you might be wondering how a balloon ride business like this one, plans to deal with the corona virus outbreak. Well, here’s the situation. As  “non-essential” business, we’re shut down for flight operations until at least May 5, or later, depending on what the government decides. Once we’re back in operation, we will have the following in place:

There will be hand sanitizer pumps at out meeting site, on the inside of our van doors, and at our post-flight area. Our crew will be spraying down the vans and balloon baskets between flights. We’ll have masks available for those who want them and didn’t bring their own. And at least at first, we’ll be paring down the post-flight celebration to just the traditional toast, from a one-time-use cup. We also may, if necessary, limit the number of passengers per flight. Rest assured that what hasn’t changed is our #1 priority, the safety of our passengers. This is simply an additional factor to be dealt with, added to the list of things we do to keep you safe like we have been, since 1978. Thank you for flying with us!